The KCD Munich are organized by a dedicated committee who are passionate about bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. Our goal is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals from all levels and backgrounds that is dedicated to learning, growth, and diversity.

  • Anela Avdibegovic

    Anela Avdibegovic

    Marketing Manager - white duckLinkedIn
  • Dominik Bittl

    Dominik Bittl

    Senior Solution Architect - Red HatLinkedIn
  • Leander Reimer

    Leander Reimer

    Managing Director & CTO - QAwareLinkedIn
  • Markus Sümmchen

    Markus Sümmchen

    CEO - white duckLinkedIn
  • Max Körbächer

    Max Körbächer

    Co-founder - Liquid Reply | CNCF AmbassadorLinkedIn
  • Nico Meisenzal

    Nico Meisenzal

    Head of DevOps Consulting & Operations - white duckLinkedIn
  • Nina Welker

    Nina Welker

    Community Marketing Managerin - QAwareLinkedIn
  • Suad Wolgram

    Suad Wolgram

    Product Manager & Software Engineer - white duckLinkedIn
  • Tom Uhlig

    Tom Uhlig

    Consultant - Liquid ReplyLinkedIn